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MVP development to newly funded startups

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MVP development to newly funded startups

MVP development to newly funded startups


We are excited to introduce our partnership with Twendee Software that provides MVP development to newly funded startups. Our product is designed to help startups launch their products quickly and efficiently with a small budget.

Our partnership with Twendee Software, a Vietnamese company that specializes in software development, enables us to provide you with the best possible service at an affordable price. Twendee Software is a global full-cycle software development company with experienced senior developers and a focus on the latest technologies, including blockchain and web3. Since its funding, Twendee has made their way to a leading web3 software development company in Vietnam serving hundreds of customers worldwide.

We understand that cultural differences can be a concern for European startups when working with companies outside of Europe. That’s why our team at CETA Consulting has extensive, 10+ years’ experience in business development and intercultural consulting in Southeast Asia and has a vast network of current and past partners in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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