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On behalf of our clients we are looking for ICT experts with junior and senior level work experience willing to work abroad in Europe.

We seek quality over quantity. We like diligent, hard-working, humble but smart, ambitious, intelligent, motivated colleagues who want to discover the world, aim for a better life, who want to work on state-of-the art projects with world-class colleagues.


  1. Depending on your qualifications and level of expertise you will be able to earn upwards           of 1500 EUR/month.
  2. We will guide you throughout the entire visa application and immigration process.
  3. You will receive training and advice to prepare you for your new life abroad.
  4. We will provide you with local assistance throughout your entire placement.
  5. After you have gathered a few years of work experience in the competitive European ICT         sector, you will have the choice of either settling down in Europe, pursuing further international career opportunities or returning home.


In order to find the best of talents we have put together a rigorous selection process consisting of the following steps:

  1. CV and social media

The first step is just as simple as it sounds. Want to apply for an open position? Then upload your CV and send us your  LinkedIn/Facebook profile!

We will evaluate your application and contact you. For some hot positions we have many competitive candidates. So please be patient! We will contact you.

  1. Phone/personal interview

In this round we want to get to know you. We are especially interested in your expectations, in your experience and in some foreign projects you might have worked on.

No, we will not ask about your strength and weaknesses, so no need to prepare smart answers, but you will be asked to talk about yourself.

  1. Tests (English, IT, MBTI)

Before you will be introduced to clients and partners, you will be asked to take a few tests, like the English test. You will also be given tests related to your personality profile (which you can’t fail) and to the job you applied for.

Based on your test results we can give you a feedback – should you wish – on your strengths and on the areas/skills you have to improve upon in order to become more competitive on an international level.

  1. Client specific tests and interviews

Depending on our European client’s requirements you might be asked to solve a specific IT problem related to the position you applied for, to take a stress test/interview.


Start your European career today by sending us your CV!

We open doors to your success.

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