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Employee leasing

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Employee leasing


Employee leasing is the way to go for you, in the case that one or more of the following is true for you:

  • Your workforce needs to change constantly based on projects and/or seasonality;
  • You want to scale your business fast, and foresee a rapid demand increase for highly skilled employees;
  • You are faced with a hiring freeze despite a labor shortage;
  • You want to cut back on the risks and expenses of recruitment.


Employee leasing is our most comprehensive service package, where on top of our regular recruitment processes (search and selection) we:

  • assist in visa and immigration related matters;
  • act as employer of the employee, who will work for you based on the conditions of our leasing contract;
  • take care of payroll, social security;
  • hold intercultural trainings for you and the employee prior to placement;
  • and provide local assistance throughout the contract period.

You might call this our one stop shop solution.

Contact us for further details!

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