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Experienced Java Developer

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Experienced Java Developer


We use Java SE 8, Tomcat 8, Angular for front-end, Oracle 12c for DB, Amazon S3 for storage, CAS for authentication, Hazelcast for distributed cache, and Gradle for builds. Our testing framework is Selenium and our code reviews go through Crucible. We’re also strongly moving towards containerization with Docker.
Our team of more than 30 people (developers, analysts, and QA engineers) is full of smart and dedicated people with strong team spirit. We care about clean and efficient code, learning from mistakes, and making our successes repeatable.

We use a variation of Agile with daily scrums, task estimation meetings, and sprint retrospectives. Though the development process is pretty much nailed down and we’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t, there’s always room for fresh ideas – your ideas!

Most of the time you’ll be developing new features based on detailed specifications, with some code reviews, bug-fixing, and codebase maintenance thrown in. The tasks and issues are diverse and touch upon the back-end, middleware, and front-end alike. You’ll be working closely with all roles in the team, for example, discussing implementation details with the analysts, getting guidance from fellow developers, and helping the QA with more technical issues. There’s not much, if any, direct contact with the customer or end-users.

What we expect from you:

  • at least 3-4 years of Java experience, sufficient to guide less experienced colleagues if needed;
    actual experience with the Spring framework (Spring Boot, JDBC, Security);
    experience working in and with a team, rather than going solo all the time;
    familiarity with Git (preferred) or Mercurial/SVN, including branching and merging;
    intermediate knowledge of SQL;
    habit of covering your code with unit tests.

The following are bonuses:

  • practical knowledge of Angular (v2 and later);
    an Oracle/SUN Certified Professional Java Developer (OCP) certificate or willingness to take the certification after the probationary period;
    practical experience with Hazelcast;
    practical experience with Docker.

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